The Right Dryer for Fine Hair

The quality of your hair dryer becomes more important the more often you use it. Whether your hair is naturally curly, fine or thick, and regardless if it is short or long, you must always try to avoid heat damage.

Unlike a thick mane, fine hair needs particularly gentle care, otherwise it will look lifeless, which means that the right hair dryer can truly make a difference in how your strands will look and feel. If you need more detailed information, there are websites like that can walk you through all the requirements of different hair types and all the dryer options available. In the meantime, here you will find the most important features of a hair dryer for thin strands.

Ceramic and titanium for fine hair

The most important one is moderate heat. Fine hair requires less than 1800 watts, whereas thick hair needs a dryer with 1875 watts of power. In fact, people with fine hair can use dryers made from ceramic, titanium, infrared and tourmaline, in any combination, as long as these have adjustable temperatures. These may cost more, but are friendlier to your thin hair. You can use the lower settings for styling and the higher ones for drying.

Obviously, the main thing about thin hair is that it lacks volume, therefore a dryer with ions is not a good idea. The ions work great for frizzy or coarse hair, since they smooth so much that they take the volume out. Instead, people with fine strands need something that will smooth their hair without being too overwhelming. And if the dryer can to add volume, then that’s even better.

Moreover, thin hair dries faster than thick manes, which means it doesn’t require as much heat. Like I said before, anything under 1800 watts of power is perfect. Styling this kind of hair is also a little more complicated, as you need to avoid products that take out what little volume you have. There are 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 hair dryers that feature one or more attachments for styling. For example, there is a model with an attachment that looks like a comb, and goes through your hair while you’re drying. Together, the dryer and the comb-like attachment dry, straighten and add shine to your hair. While the attachment might make holding and handling the dryer somewhat difficult, it also enables you to dry and style your hair at the same time, so that you are ready to go out right away.

Other dryer models include lighter units suitable for long hair, travel size dryers to take along on trips, as well as wall mounted devices. These come with a night light to use when styling your hair, or when it’s dark around.