The Best Inversion Table Money can Buy

Why an inversion table? Well if you deal with back pain you probably wouldn’t be asking that question as it’s a great reliever for such issues so let’s look into the best inversion table. Just in case you wonder how much such thing costs, they are all priced in the $100-$150 range. You’d almost start to think they agreed on prices or they are all importing it from China. Makes me think of the mountain bike business that I was in.

Body Vision Deluxe

The best part about this inversion table is probably the removable headrest pillow. Other features that jump out are the removable and or adjustable support pads for your back. It also comes with a locking system for your ankles, and leg rollers to prevent your calves from being hurt. You can fold this thing, and the frame is heavy-duty. All that you’d expect from a machine that tumbles you up and down!

GoPlus Premium Table

It has pretty much the same features as the above model, that’s the thing a bit with these machines that probably all come from the same supplier with a different name tag on it, they just import one, and then reproduce it so this post won’t be the most exciting one. They do mention its gravitational, but I guess they all are, but hey it’s something new to add to this post!

HYD Parts Inversion Table

This one does look very different from the rest. and it also looks a lot more sturdy so I think I’d prefer this model above the rest. It has an ergonomic design that helps increase your blood circulation, and thanks to gravity it reduces the effect of aging. Seriously? I’ve seen some bold claims but this one definitely raises some questions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t ship to Thailand and I haven’t really seen inversion tables being promoted anywhere around here so maybe it’s time for a new business? Let’s see!

Fitness Reality 690XL

Another dime a dozen inversion table and they couldn’t even bother adding a list of features, probably because they realize it’s no different than the others so why bother us with the details. I like their way of thinking as it makes my job a lot easier as well. They do mention a 1.5 square steel frame (1.5 what? inches? or how should I see that?), and a weight capacity up to 300lbs. Now that is definitely something I didn’t know about.