Pregnancy and the Workplace: How an Ergonomic Chair Comes In

Pregnancy sitting solutions at work are all about making sure that you reduce the pain that comes with the condition without causing harm to the growing fetus. Lower back pain represents the most common distress during this period. The reason behind this pain is that the fetus is growing bigger, ultimately adding to the weight you have to carry around.

An Unnecessary Distraction

Any pregnant woman will tell you that the body changes while you are expecting. Pregnancy also alters the movement and shape of the back. If your lower back was arched before pregnancy, you might end up with a slightly flat lower back. The growing fetus acts as a support for your back, but this makes you stiffer. You will become less flexible, finding it harder to lean forward and twist from the waist. The stiffness, aches, and discomfort from unnecessary distractions at work.

How Can You Protect Your Back at Work During Pregnancy?

Ensure a Good Sitting Posture All the Time

Make sure that you have sufficient support for your back whenever you sit down. The chair you use should provide you with appropriate lumbar support so that you maintain the natural curve in your lower back. This posture reduces the strain of the extra baby weight on your back. When seating, make sure the back is arched slightly with the breasts pointing ahead. Your legs should be slightly parted to give space for your baby bump. check out for more information.

Lumbar backrests give you the extra support you nee d to work normally while pregnant. As you gain weight, your lumbar region, knees, and hips bear a huge part of the stress. Couple his with the fact that you are already experiencing lower back pain from seating for long hours each day, you stand to suffer from severe lower back pain. Your best solution is an adjustable ergonomic office chair with lumbar support.

What Options Do You Have?

You have a wide variety of options to select from, from adjusting the chair height to having a footrest.

Adjustable Seat Height

You are better off with a chair that comes with pneumatic height adjustment so that you can increase or reduce the seat pan height while seating in the chair.

Backrest Height Adjustment

The seat should have an adjustable backrest to allow the curve of the backrest to fit into the lower curve of your back. If you already have a chair that doesn’t have this feature, you can buy a separate height adjustable lumbar support.

Back Angle Adjustment

This feature helps to fit the office chair to your ever-changing body type. Reclining the chair to a comfortable tilt supports your increasing weight and thus reduces the strain you put on the lower back. Most of the ergonomic chairs from come with a locking back angle to help you find the most comfortable upright or reclined position then lock it in place.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your baby should start way before delivery. Apart from regular prenatal clinic visits, you need to create a perfect environment for your unborn baby while at work. This starts with having an ergonomic chair. Taking care of pregnancy-related work ergonomics ensures that both you and your baby are safe and healthy.