Instagram Marketing Frustrations, and How to Handle Them

So you have taken a lot of time to stay active on Instagram posting content after content for your target audience without much luck. Kudos, because you are tapping into a community that is extensively connected and engaged, who are ready to engage you at any time.

Sadly, you start to realize that the app isn’t just the most time-efficient marketing strategy you can use.

You might be wondering how some businesses manage to post each day, especially at prime posting hours? They must be using a method that is not all about constantly logging in and out of their different accounts! Here is how frustrating it can be when using Instagram.

Problem No. 1: Getting Minimum Reactions from Your Audience

You might have the perfect content to deliver to the audience, but if you don’t know when to post it, you won’t get the reaction you want. The issue here is that your timing is well-off, meaning you are not engaging your users at the right time.

What if research told you that users are active on different days and that they prefer to engage you on specific times? You need to re-schedule your posts to this time so that you can get more likes and engagements on the posts.

Problem No. 2: Balancing Multiple IG Accounts is Hectic

The Instagram app doesn’t make it easy to use multiple accounts at the same time. So, managing your personal and brand’s account is tough, because you have to keep on switching from one to another. This can get time consuming and monotonous.

Here is what you need to do – get a program that can automate some of the tasks on both accounts without the need for you to keep on logging in and out. You can get such a tool from

Problem No. 3: It Is Tough to Respond to Each Comment

It is very hard to respond to each comment that comes in on Instagram. This is true if you are getting hundreds, even tens of comments on your post. How do you keep up with the comments?

The solution is to go for automation. Use a bot to automate likes and following of active users. You can also unfollow those who aren’t active.

In Closing

There are so many issues that make Instagram a frustrating platform to use. However, with just a few tips, you can be on your way to Instagram marketing success.