Enjoy Your Ride With Electric Riders

Every now and then new advancements are being made and new equipments or things are introduced in the market. E-bikes or electric riders are one of the best examples of it. Electric Rider makes use of battery for running, thus they are gaining popularity with time. As they make use of battery which is easily recharged, hence the running cost of the e-bikes is quite low. This serves as one of the major reasons behind their increasing popularity. You can easily purchase the electric bikes via online store or from the traditional stores. But while purchasing the electric bikes you need to keep various things in mind such as the power of the battery, its recharge cycle, motor used in the bike etc.

Contribute to a healthy environment with electric bikes

If you are an environment-friendly person, then electric bikes are made for you. Petrol driven bikes produce pollution and hence are reason for environment degradation. On the contrary, the electric bikes are driven via battery and thus no hazardous smoke is produced. So, by switching onto the electric bikes you can easily contribute to a healthy environment. But the making as well as disposing of the battery imposes various environmental issues, thus you can opt for solar driven electric bikes. To know more about different types of bikes, you can visit The Electric Rider.

Know the battery of your electric bikes

There are different types of batteries which are used in the electric bikes, but two most important are nickel based and lithium based battery. Nickel battery is not much expensive and it is quite easy to predict the service life of this battery. But they have quite low capacity to store energy. Lithium batteries are available in various types like lithium titanate, lithium polymer, lithium ion etc. But all the lithium batteries have quite high capacity for energy storage. This enables the electric bikes to cover a longer distance. In addition to the type of battery, you also need to consider the recharge cycle of the battery.

Ensure the capacity of your battery know about Wh and Ah

The capacity of the battery used in the electronic bikes is quoted as Ah or Wh. Ah stands for amp hour while Wh stands for watt hour. It is to be noted that while comparing the capacity of battery of different e-bikes keep the unit in mind, as different sellers make use of different unit. You must compare the capacity at similar units, thus it is advisable to convert the unit. You can simply convert the amp hour to watt hour by dividing the watt hour of the battery from the rated voltage of the battery. While for converting watt hour to amp hour you simply need to multiply the rated voltage of the battery by the capacity of the battery listed in Ah. It is to be noted that you hardly get the capacity listed by the company.

In addition to the battery, you also need to consider the motor of the electric rider. There are basically two types of motors available in the market. Acquaint yourself with both types in order to purchase the one that suits your need.