Choose The Recumbent Bike Over The Treadmill And Learn How To Exercise In The Safest And Most Efficient Way

The recumbent bikes are starting to be more and more popular and the reasons are understandable. They are comfortable, the design protects your joints, and they are great for losing weight, keeping yourself in shape and improving your health. However, the treadmill is being used for even more years to maintain your shape, but which one is better?

On you can find the best recumbent bikes and you will definitely understand, even by yourself, why they are superior to the treadmill. However, in the following lines we will compare the two exercise machines so that you will understand both technologies and decide what is best for you only after you are informed.

Exercises designed to lose weight

When you want to lose weight you need to choose an exercise machine that will incorporate as many groups of muscles as possible. This is the secret behind an efficient exercise tool. If you use more muscles, you will burn more calories; therefore you will melt more fat. This is the reason why the treadmill was considered the key to weight loss for so many years, but this doesn’t apply completely anymore. The recumbent bike is as efficient as the treadmill and if you consider certain particular advantages of the recumbent machine, this is the most efficient choice. The recumbent bike takes care of your body. It uses all your muscles, while it takes care of your joints and it moves the center of gravity of the person who is using the machine, making the exercise joint-protective.

However, if you want to maximize your workouts, you have to know that mobilizing as many muscles as possible will make you burn more calories. The muscles need energy for every action; they burn energy even when they aren’t active. Therefore, imagine how efficient an exercise that uses all the muscles in your body would be. This means that you have to fully work your body on the recumbent bike if you want to be most efficient. Use both the pedals and the handles while exercising and make all your muscles work. This way, the recumbent bikes are very efficient and the results will be visible soon.

Rehab and disability friendly

This is the greatest advantage of the recumbent bikes. If you are suffering from joint pains, from arthritis or arthrosis, if you have a heart condition or a backspin problem, you need to exercise, but you cannot run, or lift weights. You need a machine that will protect your joints and your muscles, it will have a lower impact on your body, but will help you recover, mobilize your joints and strengthen your muscles. The recumbent bike is the only machine that can do all of this and it is the best choice you can make for your health.