Checkout Wide Ranges Of Juicers Available

Juices are the source of vital energy that helps us to complete our daily chores. The other aspect of juices is that you can cleanse your system, prevent from cardiac and cancer ailments just by taking a glass of juice every day. It is entirely possible that you are going to buy a juicer now if you wish to cut down your weight. There is definitely problem in buying the right kind of juicer due to presence of several brands. However, when it comes to buying the best juicer, there are just a few good options. So, first go through the features of different juicers and read their reviews before going for a purchase.

There are two major types of juicers available in market, centrifugal juicers and masticating juicers.

Cold presser juicer

Also known as masticating juicer, it extracts juice by first crushing and then pressing fruit and vegetables to produce the highest yield. The best aspect of this juicer is that it does not produce any heat so the natural constitution of the juice is preserved. It is highly efficient to process leafy green with its great fans to extract green juice. It has the ability to process nuts, cashews in milk efficiently. The best part of this juicer is that it is extremely quiet equipment and you can even hear your television while processing. You should definitely buy a slow juicer if are into cleansing, preparing nut or cashews milk or processing green juice from leafy greens. If you wish to pack most of the nutrients from the extract then you should definitely buy a slow juicer for yourself. If you do not mind spending extra bucks then you should have it for sure. As the name suggests, it is slightly slower in operation so the speed should not be an issue for you. It extracts the maximum pulp of the fruits to render it nutritious.

Centrifugal juice extractors

It was the most commonly used juicer in traditional periods. The centrifugal extractor separates juice with a centrifugal force involving extraction of juices and pulp. The problem with the centrifugal juicer is that it is very fast rotating and produces a lot of heat, which minimizes the general constituents of the juices. The heat causes oxidation in juice which results in losing of the nutritional content of the juice in comparison to the cold press juices. They are inefficient to process leafy green and yield very less volume of juice. It does not have the capacity to process nuts and cashews for milk shakes. It has very high noise levels almost as high as the blender with 100 db noise levels. These are comparatively cheaper than cold press juicers. In addition, they have the capacity to process the pulp of the fruits and leafy greens. They are not efficient in preserving the natural constituent of the juices so this may be the drawback for you.

Today, juicers are also available with various features and there are several of them that also offer the blending facility. In addition, they also offer easy cleaning and maintenance.