3 Sub-Genres of Movies

The sub genre film field is a vast one, full of digressions from your usual generic movie genres. Here are three of these.

James Bond: yup. Bond has his very own sub genre, that’s how renowned he is in films. There have been so many James Bond movies that they decided the generalized genre “action” couldn’t contain the specialty of a Bond film, resulting in his very own sub genre called “James Bond Series.” If you’re ever worried about the Bond films getting wiped out by something bigger, fear not. They’ll always be around in their own category.

Stoner Comedies. For those of us who are lucky enough to live somewhere in the states where cannabis is legalized, the experience is real life. For those of us who aren’t and like to enjoy it recreationally from time to time, there’s the sub genre “Stoner Comedies” to live vicariously through. They’ve had enough of an impact over the last twenty years in popular culture to merit their own subgenre, which makes it easier to find on that long forgotten DVD shop shelf. It’s just another beautiful layer that you can find underneath the already wildly popular comedy genre.

Christmas Films. Remember “A Christmas Story”? It’s an American legend that’s gone down in history as one of the cherished classics that everybody loves to gather around and watch every Christmas, no matter how many times you’ve seen it. This sub genre is a surprising one though – “Christmas Films” is a subgenre of the drama genre. Who would have known? While they are primarily cheery and jolly, there are a couple of scary and tragic ones out there. But it’s good to know where you can find them if you’re having a bit of trouble tracking one down!

For other fun little tidbits of information around movies past, present and future, you have to check out this fun little website full of movie trivia like this. There’s so much to the world of movies where you can indulge your curiosities around your favorite films and pass some time getting behind the scenes of them, finding out privileged information that you never knew even existed. From learning about sub genres to exploring the sets of some of your favorite scenes, there’s something out there for every interest. Just don’t go looking for your favorite Christmas film in the comedy genre. Weirdly, it’s not there.