Who remembers their first time playing with snow? I’m sure most of us do, unless heavily impaired with Alzheimer’s or being stuck the whole life in the Africa. I know, Africa is a different story, and in terms of sightseeing it could actually provide even more than the whole US, or at least turn out more surprising for an average American, but my point shall remain firm – not knowing the snow should not be your excuse, because in case you’ve recently got another memory lapse, I shall remind you the truth that you are living in Ottawa, Canada – and it’s was ever snowy as hell even before actually being populated by humans.

So there you go… Now please do tell what is it that prevents you from adding a good deal of snow and winter freshness to a wedding? At first it may seem a bit odd, but if you consider it more thoughtfully, you will see that these terms are not only far from being contradictive, but actually have many commonalities that could easily make join them together. Take a look, what color would you likely find dominating in a typical wedding hall? That’s right, these are all white and crystal tones that in the end work well for making it more festive and solemn. And so are the tones of a natural snowy winter!

When the amount of precipitation is higher, which usually happens towards the middle of a winter season, that snowy background becomes even more majestic… And you want even need to spend a dollar for enjoying it, because the snow is damn free. Although the snowy experience could be expensive for Africa, in Canada this experience would cost you nothing, so what’s wrong with giving it a go? Invite your friends and make it way the ancient Canadians did. See, just a couple of centuries ago, some snowing yurts, perhaps of slightly bigger size, could be the only possible way to celebrate wedding.

At last, when this event actually happens, do enjoy it in full. Just let yourself go and surrender to the experience. You could throw snowballs, build Snowmen, and ride from a hill or even go skiing… Finally, the bravest pairs could simply roll in the snow. From a side perspective this could all look stupid, but not so when you actually engage in doing it.

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